It’s the Holiday Season! Are you Ready?

Party time skin careThe holiday season is one of joyous busyness. We shop and wrap, cook and visit with friends and loved ones. With additional “face time,” it is only natural that the holidays present us with the desire to look and feel our best. If you have any concern about being camera-ready this season, know that it’s not too late to schedule the reviving skin treatment that will bring out the best in your appearance.

Because we are weeks away from holiday parties, now is probably not the best time to contemplate the value of a good cosmetic surgery procedure, like a neck lift or blepharoplasty. For more lasting cosmetic improvements, visit us after the holidays. For now, look at how we can address issues of concern with minimally invasive or completely non-invasive treatments.

Bring your Brow up with Botox®
One of the biggest concerns we hear from our patients is how their eyes have become heavier over time. This is because the skin on the forehead, including the brow, is pulled down by a muscle just below the brow line. A quick Botox® treatment can release muscle tension in the right areas to relieve you of heavy, hooded eyes. In cases where the upper eyelid has become extremely lax, Botox® treatment will only lift the brow, and may make a slight improvement to the sagging upper eyelid. However, this treatment is a great way to get through the holidays until an eyelid lift can be scheduled!

Fill out the Lips with Restylane® Silk
Over time, the border around the lips can lose its definition. Lips lose volume, creating vertical lines around the mouth. These concerns can be corrected quickly, with minimal discomfort, using the ultra-smooth Restylane® Silk dermal filler.

Plump Flat Cheeks with Voluma®
Shapely cheeks are an important feature of the youthful face. Until recently, the substantial loss of volume in the cheek area has been a challenge. Not many people consider having implants inserted into this area! Fortunately, that isn’t necessary. The Voluma® hyaluronic acid filler has been developed specifically for the correction of mid-face volume loss.
These in-office treatments take only a short time to complete and they require no down time. In a single visit, you can have your face fully rejuvenated for the entire holiday season.

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