Breast Reduction: Now What?

breast-reduction-surgeryWhile it seems as though we primarily hear about the benefits of enlarging the breasts, the team in our Austin plastic surgery practice knows that there is another side to breast size. We consult with many women whose primary point of contention is that their breasts are too large. Breast reduction surgery helps such women achieve the proportions that are right for their frame. In reducing breast size, there becomes a greater sense of ease choosing clothing, not to mention improved comfort.

If breast reduction is something you have been considering, this post is for you! The surgery to contour your body is just the first step. Here, we talk about what comes after breast reduction surgery.

Supportive Care

There are two key elements that create a more comfortable recovery from breast reduction surgery. They are:

  • One of the biggest questions patients have about their surgery is how much pain they may experience afterward. This is difficult to determine. Some patients have relatively little pain, whereas others would like to spend a week in bed after breast surgery. Because you really can’t know how you will feel in the first few days after your procedure, you may gain the greatest advantage from taking prescription pain medication. Don’t just take it, take it as directed. Waiting to see if pain becomes bad could mean creating unnecessary stress.
  • Support is necessary to hold breast tissue firmly in place. The less movement that occurs, the more comfortable you will be. This is achieved with a surgical bra that is worn 24/7, then possibly with a sports bra that is worn more often than not, until tissue healing has reached its peak.

Self Care

Part of your recovery from breast reduction surgery is facilitated by your doctor, and part by your self care habits.

  • Staying hydrated prevents post-surgical constipation due to pain medication. It also ensures that recuperating tissues are sent the fluid they need to heal.
  • Showering may be something you want to put off for a day or two. Tissue and overlying skin may feel sore and sensitive to the touch.
  • Rest is one of the most important ingredients to a full and stress-free recovery. Plan to take up to 4 weeks off work, if possible (2 should be the minimum). Plan for a 3-week break from exercise. Once you do resume physical activity, do it slowly, resuming more rigorous exercise after 6 weeks.

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