What Is Cheek Reduction Surgery?

Portrait of attractive cheery long-haired woman touching soft skinCheek reduction surgery is a simple procedure that removes excess fat under the cheekbones. It gives those with chubby, full cheeks a more defined, chiseled, and slimmer look. A small incision on the inside of your mouth avoids any scarring. The buccal fat pads located in your cheeks are then removed or reduced.

What Is The Procedure For Cheek Reduction Surgery?

The procedure is simple. Dr. Trussler will first apply a local anesthetic. Once the medicine has kicked in, Dr. Trussler will make a small incision inside your mouth about two to four centimeters long. The buccal fat pads are then removed from incisions opposite your second upper molar. Sutures will close the incision and dissolve in about 5-7 days. 

What Is The Recovery Time For Cheek Reduction Surgery?

Recovery can take up to 4-6 weeks. Most patients go back to work about 1-2 days after the procedure. In the first week, you may feel mild discomfort and experience bruising and swelling. You will need to sleep on your back and avoid putting pressure on your cheeks. 

Since the incisions will be in your mouth, eating may be challenging. You will have to eat soft foods and avoid acidic foods like tomatoes and oranges. Dr. Trussler may prescribe medicine for pain and a special mouthwash to rinse with after meals to prevent infections. 

Is Cheek Reduction Right For Me?

If you are healthy with puffy cheeks, you may be eligible for surgery. Your face will be studied during your consultation. The surgeon will consider your medical history, including any medications, and your concerns and goals. 

This surgery may not be for everybody as you age and your face naturally thins out. Another thing to consider is any weight gain after surgery may result in your cheeks becoming chubbier. Age, anatomy, and facial shape are factors you should discuss with your surgeon. 

Still Curious?

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