Brachioplasty and Bat Wings: Firming Your Arms

Caucasian beautiful girl holds hair in hand, raise up hands.Many of us are frustrated and uncomfortable with the skin and fat under our arms. Sometimes called “bat wings,” they can easily make us self-conscious, especially in summer months when our arms and shoulders are on display.

If you’ve reached the end of your rope with your bat wings, science and medicine are here to rescue you. Many people who are frustrated with their underarm skin and fat opt to fix it with a brachioplasty.

Brachioplasty Procedure

Brachioplasties, or arm lifts, tighten and contour the upper arm. The procedure usually takes one to two hours and begins with liposuction to remove excess fat on the upper arm. Following the liposuction, the surgeon will make an incision and tighten the skin.

There are several different types of arm lift surgeries to choose from depending on how much excess skin and fat you have and where it sits on your upper arm. The incision could be small and tucked in the armpit or may extend down to the elbow.

Some patients may opt to do an extended brachioplasty, also called an upper-body lift. This procedure includes the upper arm area but also extends to the outer chest, resulting in a reduction of back rolls on the outer back and chest. Additionally, some patients may take this opportunity to have the surgeon do a breast lift or chest contouring.

Brachioplasties are outpatient procedures and typically do not require surgical drains. Instead, soft compression garments support the arms. After the procedure, patients will want to avoid strenuous activity for one to two months.

Regardless of the type of brachioplasty you have, a scar will remain. However, the markings fade, especially with our provided scar treatment.


Brachioplasty is a procedure for both men and women. To qualify for surgery, you must be healthy and a non-smoker. Before trying any body contouring, patients should be at a healthy, stable weight and have a stable diet and exercise routine.

If you’re sick and tired of the bat wings under your arms and are constantly feeling self-conscious, a brachioplasty might be the perfect option for you. To learn more, call 512-450-1077 for a consultation with Dr. Andrew Trussler.

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