Keeping it on the Down Low: Why more Women are Choosing Low-Profile Breast Implants

Breast Implants Austin, TXNot very long ago, we were in the day and age of “bigger is better.” We could see this mindset reflected just about everywhere. From McMansions to commercial Hummer vehicles to large breasts, we found ourselves surrounded by grandiosity. Well, those days are over. Maybe we aren’t tearing down those mansions, but more people are expressing interest in tiny homes and simpler living. In the realm of beauty, we’ve revamped our admiration of the naturally small frame. We witness this admiration in cosmetic surgery, too.

Those days of “Go Big or Go Home” are over. For the most part, women are interested in subtle approaches to body contouring. Breast augmentation procedures are now leaning more toward the subdued side. Low-profile breast implants fit in nicely with this trend. If you find yourself admiring body-types like Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz, and you’d like a little more shape than what Mother Nature has given you, a low-profile implant may be your ideal.

What is Profile, Anyway?

The profile of a breast implant explains how much projection we can expect. Another way to describe profile is how far the breast will point forward once the implant is in place. Low-profile implants have the least amount of projection. Because breast augmentation is all about proportions, it is also important to know that a low-profile implant will have the least amount of volume, as well. Ultimately, then, the low-profile, low-volume breast implant will take up less space on the chest.

Know Before You Go

It is easy to think that breast augmentation surgery needs to fit into a pretty little box. Historically, low-profile implants have been used less frequently and usually only on women with a petite frame. Women with a medium to larger frame tend to be guided toward moderate-profile implants to enhance the proportions of their body.

Before you schedule your consultation for breast augmentation surgery, it helps to know exactly what you want in terms of end-result. If your preference is to enhance your breasts so subtly that people question “did she or didn’t she?” then low-profile implants may be ideal for you. Our job in consulting with you is to provide you with our best estimation of how each type of implant will look on your frame.

Choosing breast implants can be an exciting process. Start yours today by calling our Austin office at (512) 450-1077.

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