Three Reasons People Are Getting Eyelid Surgery

eyelid surgery Eyelid surgery, medically known as blepharoplasty, was one of the top five cosmetic surgeries in 2020, with over 300,000 procedures in the United States alone. Why is that?

It’s because blepharoplasties can aid with the aesthetic composition around the eye and also have functional benefits. Here are a few common reasons to get a blepharoplasty now.

Improve Vision

Skin laxity, the amount of stretch of the skin, increases as we age. This can lead to drooping and sagging skin. When eyelids droop and sag, they can obscure your vision, even when your eyes may be healthy and capable of visual acuity.

While non-surgical solutions exist for drooping eyelids, such as eyelid tape, a blepharoplasty can offer a permanent solution that improves your vision and can lift your eyes’ appearance. Drooping eyelids may make you tired or aged, but eyelid surgery can take years off your face.

Address Dry Eyes

While various reasons, such as allergies, can cause dry eyes, did you know dry eyes could also be due to a drooping lower eyelid? As the chance of developing dry eyes increases as we age, dry eyes caused by drooping eyelids can compound the disorder.

Dry eyes can be a potentially serious issue that can lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated.

Smooth Out Puffiness

Another sign of aging is puffiness around the eyes, and the bags underneath them can be corrected through eyelid surgery. Weakening tissue due to age can lead to puffiness. Even if the puffiness around your eyes is minimal now, the issue can increase with time.

Consider eyelid surgery for a more alert, youthful appearance of the eyes.

Restore Youth and Vision With Eyelid Surgery in Austin, TX

Blepharoplasties are typically safe cosmetic surgeries. However, like with all surgeries, there are risks and potential complications. Working with a board-certified surgeon can help mitigate negative outcomes and improve your results.

Working with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Trussler is an excellent way to relieve any worries about the surgery. Having received numerous awards for plastic surgery, Dr. Trussler was also chosen to be in the Guide To America’s Top Surgeons by Consumer Research Council.

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