Could You Be a Good Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

arm lift surgeryArm lift surgery, also commonly known as Brachioplasty, is a tried-and-true form of plastic surgery for dealing with unwanted fat or loose skin resting on your upper arms. And while that sounds like an elective surgery that everyone may one day want to undergo, only some are suitable candidates to receive an arm lift. Though the surgery is simple and effective, there are some prerequisites you will have to meet to be considered for one.

You Have Substantial Upper Arm Skin Laxity

First and foremost, you must be experiencing the problem that a Brachioplasty serves to correct. Laxity, or looseness, with the skin of one’s arms, is a common occurrence after a significant loss of weight and can also occur as a result of a variety of other natural means, such as aging or pregnancy. This excessively loose skin can bring about poor hygiene and thus make you more prone to various infections.

You Have a Relatively Healthy and Stable Weight

As mentioned above, major weight loss is the primary factor that can bring about excessive skin laxity in your arms. As such, remaining at a healthy and stable weight leading up to, throughout, and after your arm lift surgery is absolutely essential. Losing even more weight after a Brachioplasty in Austin, TX, can create more sagging skin, undoing the benefits of your arm lift surgery. Meanwhile, gaining excessive weight once again can damage the skin and cause stretch marks and other scars to appear.

You Are a Healthy Individual Overall 

As with any surgery—both medical and cosmetic—being otherwise healthy is crucial to a successful arm lift surgery with minimal to no negative side effects. That’s why cutting out the smoking of tobacco, even if only leading up to and during your surgery recovery period, is a must for anyone looking to be a good candidate for brachioplasty.

Your Arm Lift Surgery in Austin, TX, Awaits

So, if excessive fat or loose skin under your arms has been putting a damper on your self-image and overall health, then why not consider receiving an arm lift surgery in Austin, TX, under the professional care of Dr. Andrew Trussler? Located conveniently on Bee Cave Road, your Brachioplasty could be just a call away at 512-450-1077.

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