New laser hair removal: Fast and easy

New laser hair removal: Fast and easy

Laser hair removal or selective photothermolysis has just been revolutionized with the LightSheer Duet platform by Lumenis, Ltd. The system has two hand-pieces for different areas: one that is smaller with a cooling shield and a larger one that actually has a vacuum-assist. Both the cooling shield and the vacuum make the laser very comfortable, however the larger spot size makes it faster to cover larger areas with only one pass and with less energy. This larger spot size covers more area which is ideal for the back and legs. The type of laser, the 800nm diode, is not new to laser hair removal and targets melanin which is pigment in the hair bulb. The hair follicle target spares the skin and the fact that the vacuum sucks the skin into the laser it makes it more effective and less injurious to the skin. Historically laser hair reduction treatment has required multiple treatments which after the first few long painful procedures it makes it intolerable for the needed repetitive treatments. The LightSheer has made these repetitive treatments short and painless which keeps patients wanting to complete their laser hair reduction. All areas can be treated with comfort and effectiveness. This is performed by my aesthetician and requires no downtime. Treatments can be spread out over a 4 to 6 week period and approximately 4 to 8 treatments may be required. Darker skin tones should always be careful with laser treatments. Please contact my office or through, either in Dallas or Frisco to make an appointment for laser hair treatments or any other laser treatments needed.

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