SkinCeuticals® Metacell Renewal B3: New Multi-Corrective Skin Care in One Bottle.

Metacell Renewal B3

The Metacell Renewal B3 emmulsion is a great NEW skin care option in Austin Texas containing  5% Niacinamide (B3), 2.5% Tri-Peptide, and 15% Glycerin designed to help the signs of early skin photo-aging.

  • This is a high concentration of multi-corrective agents with an enhanced delivery system to get the active agents to where they work.

What is Metacell Renewal B3?


  • Renews the skin by facilitating cell turnover
  • Reduces discoloration
  • Strengthens the skins moisture barrier
  • Helps to improve the skins protective matrix
  • Decreases redness and blotchiness

Tri-Peptide Concentrate

  • Stimulates hyaluronic acid and collagen production
  • Improves skin firmness and improves fine lines
  • Encourages hydration

Pure Glycerin

  • Strong humectant
  • Effective hydration

Metacell Renewal B3 is ideal  for early skin photo-aging in the 20 to 40 year old patient with normal to dry skin, but can be used on combination skin.

  • Twice daily use for comprehensive skin care
  • Can be used by men for a one product daily skin hydrator with active components.
  • Can be used in combination with Phloretin CF in the am to help improve fine lines an ddiscoloration.

Treats the typical symptoms of premature aging:

  • Rough, dull texture
  • Dryness
  • Discoloration
  • Fine lines
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Redness and blotchiness
SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3 Austin Texas

Metacell Renewal B3 a light but effective emulsion that contains glycerin that can hydrate problematic skin. The  5% Niacinamide helps fade discoloration and even skin tone and diminish brown spots.


How to use Metacell Renewal B3:

This is an emulsion with a pump. Dispense 2 pumps of the in the palm of the hand and apply over the entire face and neck after cleansing or shaving.

  • If used in combination with Phloretin CF allow skin to absorb the serum for 10 minutes prior to applying the Metacell Renewal B3.

Can be used twice daily.

Daily Skin Regimen:

Morning (AM)

Evening (PM)

For post-procedure use, such as after a chemical peel, it can be applied after the chemical peel is complete, and can help calm and hydrate the sensitive skin.

Andrew P. Trussler MD is a plastic surgeon in Austin Texas that carries a full compliment of SkinCeuticals® products for all skin types.

  • SkinCeuticals offers an advanced skin care line to help prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and correct previous damage.

The Metacell Renewal B3 is an everyday active  product that is an Austin Texas skin care staple that is easy to use with a high compliance rate.

  • Clincal studies showed a 14% improvement in skin clarity and texture after 12 weeks of use.

Dr. Trussler’s Austin plastic surgery office can help direct you to the skin care products that can help your skin look and feel its best.


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