3 Treatments to Enliven Your Appearance after a Busy Holiday Season

woman in bath towel on head applying oil serumThis year, more than any in recent history, may be one of the most anticipated holiday seasons we’ve had. Friends and families have begun to reconnect in person, which may have made your holidays much brighter, but also much busier. As much as we’ve looked forward to this time in which we can resume a sense of normalcy in our ways of socializing, the journey can have an effect. If you’re feeling it, you may also be looking like it. Here, we discuss three of our top treatments to help you refresh mind and body after your busy holiday season.

  1. Microneedling. This med spa treatment is performed in our comfortable Austin office in about an hour. Patients can immediately resume their normal activities with minimal redness that fades quickly. The microneedling procedure is performed using an automated device with a small, needle-clad applicator that targets the skin with a stamping motion. It creates tiny channels in the upper layers of the skin that heal very quickly but incite a healing response from the body. This response floods the skin with circulation and new collagen that restores more youthful characteristics.
  2. HALO Hybrid Laser Treatment. Historically, laser treatments were either ablative or non-ablative. This refers to the way the laser energy affects the skin. Ablative treatments can achieve outstanding resurfacing benefits but typically have some downtime and side effect. HALO is the first hybrid laser, meaning that it achieves the skin improvements a patient would formerly need two different treatments to achieve in just one treatment session, and without extensive downtime. HALO laser treatment can lighten sun damage, decrease pore size, and restore a beautiful glow to your skin.
  3. Injectables. After a joyous but busy holiday season, what you might want the most is some immediate gratification. Injectables are a great option for many cosmetic concerns. A brief treatment session begins with a thorough consultation to help our provider determine the right injectable for you based on what you want to achieve. Dermal fillers provide instant results by adding volume to the skin. Neuromodulators work in a few days to smooth dynamic wrinkles like frown lines. With our wide selection of products, we can have you looking and feeling fantastic in less than an hour!

We used to talk about the post-holiday blues that stem from the let-down after a month or more of hustle and bustle. A better option is to talk about post-holiday rejuvenation that prolongs feelings of happiness. To schedule your post-holiday beauty treatment with us, contact our Austin office at (512) 450-1077.

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