3 Benefits of Having Cosmetic Surgery Done in the Winter

If you’re considering undergoing cosmetic surgery, you may not realize that winter is one of the best times to do it. While there is no wrong time to have a procedure done, the cooler months offer several advantages to patients in terms of healing and convenience. Here are some reasons why you might want to book a plastic surgery consultation before the warm weather arrives:

  1. Less time in the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are damaging to skin, and can be especially harmful to new skin. Not only does the cool weather tend to keep people indoors, but less sunlight hours also help to keep sun to skin contact limited. This allows skin to heal properly, without keeping patients away from their favorite outdoor activities.

  2. Comfortable clothing. Not only do winter wardrobes tend to be more comfortable than clothes worn in the summer, but chunky sweaters, coats and scarves offer protection from the elements. More clothing also makes it easier to hide any swelling or bruising that may occur during the recovery process. In addition, heavier clothes can easily disguise bandages or other surgical dressings. Patients who might otherwise stay home in warmer weather can be out and about without feeling self-conscious.

  3. Time for a “staycation”. Between the holidays, cooler weather and shorter days, winter is the perfect time to take a staycation and relax at home. Rest and downtime are an extremely important part of recovery for many cosmetic procedures, and this extended time at home gives patients the time they need to heal and feel their best.

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