Latisse® for Upper Eyelash Growth: Improve Eyelash Length, Fullness and Color

Latisse® is a topical medication which is indicated for the treatment of hypotrichosis, or thinning eyelashes.

It is applied daily to the upper eyelid lash line with the Latisse® kit applicator in a sparing amount. The medication penetrates into the eyelash hair follicle to prolong the growth phase of the hair cycle.

The effects of Latisse® include:

  • increased eyelash length
  • improved eyelash fullness
  • darkening of eyelash color

Latisse® can darken the area on which it is applied. This is likely from the local inflammatory effects of the medication on the upper eyelid. The side-effect is thought to be a positive effect in that most women do wear eyeliner and eye shadow anyways to darken this area. This effect will resolve after the medication is discontinued and does not occur in everyone.

  • There have been no reported episodes of iris discoloration with the use of Latisse®.

Its drop form analog, Lumigan® has had some cases of eye color changes, however the drop form is applied into the eye in a high concentration, where as only a fraction of concentration is used in Latisse® and it is applied only topically.

How do you use Latisse®?

  • Latisse® should be applied to in a thin line on a clean upper eyelid.
  • One applicator can be used for one nightly application
  • It should not be applied to the lower eyelid because it can create an unwanted “spider eye” effect with extremely dense upper and lower eyelashes.
  • Patients usually apply it at night after washing their face and after their contact lenses are removed.
  • Some products in Latisse® can be absorbed by the contact lenses which can irritate the eye. If contact lenses are to be replaced back into the eye, the patient should wait approximately 15 minutes.

Eyelash length, fullness and color should be improved after a 16 week period, and the product should be continued for the desired effect, but can be applied in an every other day cycle.

  • Latisse® does work and should be applied correctly for optimal results. Upper eyelash length, fullness and darkness will predictably improve with no risk of eye color change.

To inquire about whether Latisse® is right for your eyelashes, consult with Dr.Trussler in his Austin Texas plastic surgery office.

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