Which Injectable Treatment is Right for You?

It’s inevitable. We’re all going to age. The big question these days is how quickly each of us will do that. Aging is much more controllable now that we have scientific data to tell us the various factors that contribute to concerns such as crackling joints, degraded vision, and wrinkled, sagging skin. In our Austin office, we routinely help people manage cosmetic aging utilizing injectable treatments.

As the area of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation has grown, we’ve come to realize that it’s difficult for patients to keep up. Here, we discuss the various injectable options that may be considered to help you achieve your desired outcome from treatment. The more you know, the more confident you can feel about your choices. Still, our experienced team is here to make the most appropriate recommendations after consulting with you about your concerns and objectives.


The Mother of all injectables, Botox is known for its quick action on dynamic wrinkles. If your face has begun to look sad or angry due to a sagging brow line or you’re tired of wearing a permanent scowl, Botox may be the ideal solution for you. This drug, as well as Dysport and Xeomin, relax the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles for 3 to 6 months at a time.


Kybella is the long-awaited injectable that can destroy the unwanted fat that accumulates beneath the chin. You know the fat, it’s commonly known as the dreaded double-chin. Injections of Kybella introduce a fat-disrupting acid (deoxycholic acid) into the expanded tissue. As the acid is absorbed, it destroys the cellular membrane around fat cells. This tricks the body into eliminating them for good.


It may not be accurate to only use the name Juvéderm to describe this comprehensive family of products. Under the general name are several individual dermal fillers, all comprised of hyaluronic acid. Juvéderm fillers include Voluma, which can augment the cheeks, Volbella, which can enhance the lips, and several other products that are excellent options for reducing lines and deep creases around the nose and mouth.


Restylane, like Juvéderm, also plumps the skin and underlying tissue with hyaluronic acid. Similarly, the Restylane family also has a number of fillers. Each is designed to meet specific needs, such as softly adding volume to the lips or increasing contours with a more robust formulation of hyaluronic acid.


Sculptra is a unique injectable that is popular for its immediate and long-term effects. Initially, Sculptra adds volume beneath the skin in the form of Poly-L-lactic acid, a powerful alpha hydroxy acid. Over time, the product gets absorbed, but not before it stimulates a prolonged increase in collagen production.

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