How Long Does Volbella® XC Last?

A woman smiling and showing the effects of Volbella® XC lip fillers.

Many people these days prefer fillers over other surgeries. One of the most popular dermal fillers is Volbella® XC.

Volbella® XC is a dermal filler that specifically defines lips and provides natural-looking results with minimal downtime. But how long does Volbella® XC last? We will answer this question in detail below. 

Overview of Volbella® XC

Hyaluronic acid is a critical component of the formulation of Volbella® XC. This chemical, which is present in the body naturally, aids in preserving the skin’s volume and hydration.

Whether you want to add subtle volume to your lips or smooth out fine lines around the mouth, Volbella® XC offers a safe and effective solution for achieving a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Volbella® XC is renowned for its smooth gel consistency and innovative VYCROSS® technology, allowing precise injections and long-lasting results. 

With its ability to provide natural-looking enhancement and improve lip symmetry, Volbella® XC has become a popular choice. It is the best option for those people who want to enhance their lips without sacrificing a natural look and feel.

Volbella® XC Longevity – How Long Does Volbella® XC Last?

Volbella® XC is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, as many factors can influence its results. Metabolism plays a significant role, as individuals with faster metabolic rates may process the hyaluronic acid in Volbella® XC more rapidly. It may result in a shorter duration of effect.

Moreover, lifestyle habits like smoking or excessive sun exposure can affect how long the results last. These factors may accelerate the breakdown of the filler material. 

Furthermore, each person’s unique body chemistry and natural response to the filler contribute to the overall duration of results.

While some individuals may enjoy prolonged results beyond the typical 12-month mark, others may notice a gradual fading of the enhancement over time. That’s why you need follow-up treatments every 6 to 12 months. 

These touch-up sessions can help you sustain your desired enhancement level and prolong the effects of Volbella® XC.

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