Is Buccal Fat Pad Removal Right For You?

buccal fat removal If you use social media, then you surely have seen the latest trend of buccal fat removal. From high-end influencers to probably your close friends, it seems like everyone is either talking about having it done or has already done it. But why? Simply put, because buccal fat pad removal is a minimally invasive way to slim your face with little to no downtime.

Here’s what you need to know about the procedure to help you decide if it is right for you.

What Is Buccal Fat?

Buccal fat is a fat pad located between your jaw and cheekbone. The amount of buccal fat someone has is determined by their weight and genetics. If you have an excess of buccal fat, it can make your face look fuller, even if you are thin and in shape.

What Can Buccal Fat Removal Do?

Removing just the right amount of buccal fat can help chisel your cheekbones. In addition, it can also:

  • Help you achieve a more sculpted profile.
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Correct a baby-faced appearance by slimming your cheeks.
  • Enhance weight loss results.

How Is Buccal Fat Surgery Performed?

The first step towards buccal fat removal is a consultation with Dr. Trussler. He will examine your facial structure and discuss whether buccal fat removal is the right choice for you. Once cleared, small incisions are made under local anesthesia in the region of buccal fat. Dr. Trussler then presses on the fat pads and excises a small portion. The incisions are then closed with absorbable sutures. The entire procedure takes less than one hour to complete.

Best Candidates for Buccal Fat Removal

Patients who have rounded cheeks or heaviness in the lower face are the best candidates for the procedure. They also have realistic expectations of what buccal fat removal can accomplish.

Buccal Fat Removal in Austin, TX

If you are ready to say goodbye to full cheeks and hello to sculpted cheekbones, Dr. Trussler can help. His vast experience in facial anatomy makes him the perfect choice for buccal fat removal in Austin, TX. Contact the office today at 512-450-1077.

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