Using Chemical Peels To Treat Scars

Chemical peels have been used as a form of scar treatment for many centuries now; only, its users did not recognize that the acids in the peel were stripping away the dead skin cells, back in the day. Either way, chemical peels are a sound option to clear out blemishes, acne scars and pigmentation. They can be used to fade scars as well as for spot treatments, based on the scarring in the individual.

What happens when the chemical peel is applied over the skin is that it has a resurfacing action and polishes out the scarred or damaged layers at the top. This in turn stimulates collagen growth and the production of new skin cells aiding skin renewal. Chemical peels not only clear out scars, but also help reduce the presence of clogged pores. This helps in enhancing the overall texture of skin in the individual, making it a good choice. One of the biggest advantages of chemical peels is that the treatment can be chosen based on the patient’s skin condition and type, to offer the desired results.

Which Chemical Peel Works Best For Scar Treatment?

  • Light peels: These are superficial peels such as AHA or glycolic peels that can be helpful in lightening scarring caused from acne. They can also be of help in treating oily buildup on the outer surface of the skin.
  • Medium peels: As the name explains, these chemical peels are exfoliate at a greater depth than light peel. They treat scars, as well as enhance the strength of the collagen tissues, thereby enhancing the skin tone.
  • Deep peels: Phenol peels are an example of deep chemical peels which are usually applied after the patient is sedated. These peels can help treat acne scars alongside pigmentation on the skin.

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