What is Buttock augmentation? Review of Techniques

What are the different types of buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation is becoming a very popular procedure in the United States. There are multiple types of buttock augmentation, which increase the volume and change the shape of the buttock: buttock implants, fat grafting to the buttocks, butt lift with autologous augmentation. Depending on the amount of surrounding tissue the procedure that is right for you and your goals will be selected. Buttock implants are typically solid silicone, which come in variable sizes and shapes, which are inserted through central incisions and placed under the muscle. Fat grafting uses fat harvested from mother regions of the body and is injected above and into the gluteal muscle to provide increased volume and shape. A butt lift uses an upper buttock incision to lift the buttock, tissue that is not removed can be rotated under the lift to provide increase volume to the buttock.

Am I good candidate for a buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation should only be done on healthy patients without significant medical problems. Depending on the type of augmentation recommended it would fit your body. Typically the thin patient without any surrounding fatty deposits would be a candidate for buttock implants. Buttock implant selection is limited in the United States and some buttock shapes are not optimal for implants as they usually lay under the muscle and provide upper outer projection. Fat grafting or a Brazilian Butt Lift is appropriate for the patent who does not desire an implant and has good skin tone who has enough surrounding fat to support enough fat for harvest. This can always be combined with an implant to provide shape to the buttock. A butt lift is appropriate for the patient who has lost a significant amount of weight and has excess skin around the buttock. This procedure will elevate the sagging butt but can flatten the buttock if not combined with an autologous buttock augmentation, which uses the tissue which would otherwise be removed to provide projection to the buttock.

Procedure technique

In general most buttock procedures should be performed in under general anesthesia in the operating room with the patient positioned laying on the their stomach. Repositioning during these operations is common secondary for the need to harvest fat from other areas

Buttock implants: general anesthesia with the patient in the prone position. Implants are placed through 1 or 2 incisions in the upper buttock crease. They are placed under the muscle or under the muscle lining or fascia depending on the shape of implant used. Complete coverage of the implant as well as implant position and sterile technique are a must.
Brazilian Butt Lift or Fat grafting to the buttock: fat is harvested from other areas of the patient, but most commonly in the areas around the buttock to help shape and define this region. The fat is then processed and washed depending on the technique used and then re-injected through small incisions into the buttock tissues.

Butt lift can be performed as an individual procedure or as part of a body lift. It is performed through an upper buttock incision extending from hip to hip and elevates the buttock tissue. The excess tissue can be rotated under the buttock skin to increase volume in this area.

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