Smaller Breasts Have Perks

breast reduction surgery austinBreast procedures continually outnumber most other surgeries conducted for cosmetic purposes. Usually, it is breast enlargement that is the central topic of discussion. However, we are meeting a great deal of women who have come to the point of intolerance with a common problem: overly large breasts. If you are one of them, you might be interested in knowing some of the perks of undergoing breast reduction surgery with your experienced Austin cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Trussler.

Perk #1 – Better Proportions

Beauty is not about the perfect feature, or even the perfect size of any particular body-part. Beauty is about proportions. This is even seen when you look at a localized area such as the face. When breasts are oversized in comparison with the rest of the body, shopping for clothing can be a frustrating chore. Tops and bottoms that are meant to go together simply don’t when breast size is not in line with the bottom half of the body. The obvious discrepancies may also place the breasts front and center as the unwanted focal point of others.

Perk #2 – Better Body Image

It’s not so much that a woman does not have a good body image if her breasts are too large, but that her confidence may not be as high as it could be. The unwanted attention that is given to the breasts often creates embarrassment and even shame for the woman who has no control over her body type. Breast reduction surgery can ease the social trauma, as well as the physical burden of excessive breast tissue.

Perk #3 – Better Health

Let’s face it, breasts that are too big for the rest of the body can feel like weights of their own, adhered to the front of the chest. Activities such as running, biking, dancing, and most other aerobics can be downright uncomfortable. Other forms of exercise, such as yoga or weight training, may also be a challenge due to having to work around the breasts. Where there is limited activity, for any reason, health and wellness suffer.

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