Can a Breast Lift Make You Look Younger?

Sexy blond woman wear beige lingerieWhen a person begins to feel concerned about cosmetic aging, we usually think this is associated with facial changes like lines, creases, and jowls. There is more to aging than what happens to the face, though. Sometimes, what is aging a woman’s body is the shape and overall appearance of her breasts. Here, we discuss why breast ptosis occurs and how a breast lift can help.

Why Do Breasts Sag with Age?

Just as the skin on the face becomes thinner and weaker with age, so does the skin everywhere on the body. Without the continual renewal of strong collagen, the skin loses firmness and elasticity. This diminishes its ability to withstand the force of gravity. On the face, this may look like downturned corners of the mouth. On the body, it may look like sagging breasts. In the context of the breasts, too, we have to consider how the weight of breast tissue contributes to this aging process. Then, if a woman has had children has breastfed, or has lost a significant amount of weight, her breasts may have morphed from high-sitting, perky mounds to flattened, droopy bits of tissue.  Normal? Yes. Also, quite frustrating.

How a Breast Lift Makes You Look Younger

The breast lift procedure is designed not to add volume to the breasts via implants but to sculpt the breast mounds to make the most of existing natural tissue. To change the appearance of the breasts, the surgeon removes skin using precise incisions. Depending on the degree of laxity and its effects on the areola and nipple, multiple incisions may be made. This can allow the surgeon to change the position, projection, and overall shape of the breasts and also reduce the size of the areola to further rejuvenate appearance. Breasts that sit higher on the chest wall and project more directly forward, that have small, forward-pointing nipples, look younger. For further enhancement, some women combine their lift with slight breast augmentation to fill out more of the breast mound after deflation due to breastfeeding and aging.

How to Tell If You Might Benefit from a Breast Lift

It can be difficult to know if or when you may benefit from a breast lift because the changes that affect appearance occur so gradually. These changes don’t happen from one pregnancy, or even from multiple. Women we meet often express that they became increasingly concerned about the appearance of their breasts over time. If you’re noticing the following changes, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift:

  • The nipples fall below the natural crease beneath the breasts. Some surgeons recommend doing what is called a pencil test. Really, any long item, a pen or straw even, can be placed in the crease under the breast. With the item in place, observe your reflection in a mirror and evaluate where your nipple rests in relation to the item.
  • The nipples point downward rather than forward.
  • The breasts look longer or flatter.
  • The breasts are no longer firm.
  • The areolas are enlarged.
  • The breasts have stretch marks.

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You don’t have to have a specific number of the mentioned concerns to be a good candidate for a breast lift. You are the expert of your own body. If your breasts have changed significantly over time and you want them to look perkier, come and talk to us. Contact our Austin office at (512) 450-1077 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Trussler.

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