Breast Lift or Mastopexy with or without a Breast Implant: What is the Right Breast Lift Procedure for Me?

Mastopexy or breast lift repositions the nipple for the sagging breast. It will reshape the breast and give it a lifted and refined look. Not every mastopexy patient needs a breast implant and some mastopexy patients even need removal of tissue. The patient who has a significant amount of skin with a small amount of breast tissue would definitely benefit from a breast implant to fashion a breast lift around. However, not every patient would like a breast implant and the most difficult operation is performing a breast lift on the deflated breast without much fullness. The breast is lifted to a certain height and the skin is tightened to a tension without creating deformity. The lift in these patients is difficult because the deflated breast can be overly tightened and a small breast implant can be used to provide a base to the breast to be tightened and lifted on. In the opposite sense, the woman with relatively large breasts who desire maintenance of fullness and a breast lift; the options would be to remove breast tissue and add an implant or use the existing breast tissue to shape it like a breast implant. Other options include fat grafting; which is at the infancy of use in cosmetic breast.
The auto augmentation in the mastopexy patient can limit the need for breast implants and eliminate the complication risk associated with breast implants including infection, scarring, and implant malposition. Outer and inner breast tissue is rotated centrally to form a round breast mound; which has the appearance of a breast implant. The breast tissue is elevated to a higher position along with the nipple. Inner sutures along the outer breast, as well as the top and central mound are used to support the auto-augmented breast. Breast lift with auto augmentation is an outpatient operation that usually requires a one-week recovery. It can be combined with other procedures, such as abdominal contouring to complete a mommy makeover.
Breast lifts with auto augmentation should be limited to the patients who need a breast lift with already a full breast volume, or for the patient who does not want or is not a candidate for a breast implant, such as in the post-bariatric patient who has a significant amount of breast sagging. For the woman without enough breast volume, or who wants to add volume, a breast implant should be considered. Breast implants can be placed at the time of the breast lift, which is referred to as a mastopexy augmentation. Breast implants can as well be placed in a staged procedure where the breast lift is performed first and then followed as early as 3 months later with a breast augmentation.
A consultation with Dr. Trussler will help define an individual plan for you. The ability to perform all of these cosmetic breast procedures gives you choice that is individual and right for you. Dr. Trussler will make your cosmetic breast surgery a pleasant experience and will guide you at each step of this process. He will give you the option of going home after the procedure or staying at least one night for observation in the Medallion Guest Suites so that you are comfortable and confident during recovery after this type of surgery. Physical activity can be resumed after 2 weeks and scar care is started after 3 weeks with the goal of buying new bras in 6 weeks.

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