When Jowls Just Need to Go

caucasian female with clean skin laughing with closed eyes and showing half of fresh orange while advertising benefits of vitamin CFacial aging is a condition that worsens over time due to ongoing changes in the structural tissue from the forehead to the jawline. Jowls are pieces of loose skin and tissue that sag from each side of the face. At first, they look like the softening of the jawline. In time, though, they can sag below the bone and become more prominent. Not everyone gets severe jowls, but even a person with mild jowls may find their appearance troubling. Here, we answer one of the most common questions we get, how can I get rid of my jowls?

The most efficient way to eliminate jowls is via facelift surgery. The facelift doesn’t focus on the skin alone but also lifts the muscle and fat that have descended to the lower face and neck. A facelift may not be the involved procedure that you imagine. Surgical techniques have expanded over time to create the ideal results for every face at any age. While nonsurgical skin tightening treatments have been developed in recent years, these focus only on the superficial layer of tissue so are somewhat limited in the degree of improvement they can achieve, as well as how long their results can last.

Can I Get Botox for Jowls?

Botox is one of the most well-known injectables for various dynamic wrinkles. It can even be injected into the chin to refine its appearance. But for jowls, not so much. Botox works by relaxing muscles that are pulling the skin into tight creases. Since jowls are the result of loose, lax muscle tissue, fat, and skin, relaxing the muscles even further would have the opposite of the desired effect.

Can Dermal Fillers Correct Jowls?

Dermal fillers are injectable contouring treatments that can achieve a lot. We want to be clear in our wording here, though. Dermal fillers cannot correct jowls. They can disguise them. The provider can deposit dermal filler along the jawline, in front of or behind the jowl (or both), to create the illusion of angles. The treatment is immediately rewarding and can produce results that last up to two years.

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