Banish Under Eye Bags with Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

The eyes are interesting in their anatomy. Each sits in an orbit, or small opening in the skull. The eyelids are connected to what is called the orbital septum, behind which is a small amount of fat. Orbital fat acts as a cushion for the eyeballs, so it does have a purpose besides frustrating you!

There are several reasons why the under eye area may become persistently puffy. It may be that orbital fat has increased, or that the orbital septum, which holds the eyelids, has thinned out with age. Often, bulging fat is hereditary, and the signs of puffiness may be noticed as early as the teen years. The older we get, the more bags show. This is due to the fact that collagen fibers fray and weaken beneath the skin, which is then less capable of supporting fatty deposits beneath the eyes.

Blepharoplasty can Help

There are several issues that can be addressed with eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. Many people think of eyelid surgery as a method of lifting the upper lid or the brow. However, it is possible to undergo the surgical procedure only for the lower lids when bags are a noticeable problem.

  • Puffiness is often thought the result of allergies or fatigue. When bags are persistently present, the real issue is fat prolapsed beneath the skin of the lower lid. Bags can be significantly minimized if not fully eliminated with blepharoplasty, which can remove excess fat and sculpt the under eye area.
  • Loose skin is often a simultaneous concern for individuals with under eye bags. The skin may be loose before surgery, or there may be a question as to whether loose skin will remain after fatty deposits are removed. A consultation with your experienced cosmetic surgeon will help you determine if your blepharoplasty should also include skin tightening. This is not the case with every patient, but those with significant bags, called festoons, will likely need excess skin removed to smooth the under eye contours.
  • Eyelid support can also be addressed with precise shaping and contouring to enhance the appearance of the lower lid. Precision technique can correct an issue such as the lower lid pulling away from the eyeball.

Dr. Trussler is known for his authenticity and clear communication. He can discuss with you what eyelid surgery can do, and what it can’t. Schedule your consultation to learn more about blepharoplasty.

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