The fact that Dr. Trussler get kudos for his artistry is all well and good. But what really matters is whether it achieves your goals. Which is why his expertise at listening to you is as important as his medical expertise. He knows that technical skill doesn’t translate to success unless it translates what you see in your mind into what you see in the mirror.

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The FaceTime™ Nose Job: Changing the shape of the nostril

Nostril asymmetry is common and is identified primarily looking from a worm’s eye view. This view is partially mimicked in looking down at your own image while you interact on visual platforms like FaceTime™. Selfies have put an emphasis on changing the side profile of the nose and the chin, but FaceTime™ may be drawing…  read more

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Deflategate: My Saline Breast Implant Deflated! What do I do?

Saline Breast Implants are not filled to a “pounds per square inch (PSI)” like a football. They are filled to a specificed volume based on the size and width of the breast implant shell, and do not have a propensity to “pop” like a balloon. Saline Breast Implants have about a 1% per year deflation…  read more

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5 Easy Steps to Improve the Appearance of Your Lower Eyelids

Lower eyelid appearance can vary through the day, which indicates the tissues are active and reactive to the body and its environment. Simple care can help to improve the appearance of the lower eyelid and decrease the variability in puffiness and under eye-bags. Common Complaints: dark circles, lower eyelid lines, under eye bags, puffiness, and…  read more

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