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Burn Care: Simple Steps to Encourage Healing

Scald burns are some of the most common forms of burns. They are often partial thickness and can occur anywhere on the body. Scald burns usually happen from hot liquid spilling on the chest, face or hands. The degree of burn can vary with the type of liquid, with fat containing liquids having a higher…  read more

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Choosing the Right Anti-oxidant Serum for your Skin Type

Aging of the skin can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and pigment changes. Damage from the sun, smoking and air pollution can further damage the skin. Sunscreens only prevent further damage from the sun, but anti-oxidants can both protect and reverse the effects of the environment and aging. Choosing the right anti-oxidant serum is important…  read more

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Five Facts About Bromelain: How about those (pine)apples?

Bromelain is naturally occurring compound extracted from the fruit and stems of pineapple. It’s positive effects on healing have been harnessed for centuries, and it has been studied for over 50 years. Bromelain has been recommended to post-surgical patients because of its potentially advantageous effects on swelling and healing. 1. What is Bromelain? It is…  read more

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